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What to Do…?

Another almost two months until this post appears. But I actually do sort of have an excuse now. We finally closed on our house, and I’ve been going crazy trying to prep it for moving into. I’m pretty much tackling it alone, since Katie has been knee-deep in work. So amidst the house prepping I’ve still been taking care of my son, keeping up with my webcomic, and trying to write when I have time. But the blog posts take a back seat.

In addition, I’m still not sure what I want to do with this blog. Really, there are a multitude of writing blogs out there, and by people who have had much more success than I. So what do I do? Do I write about my life as if it were LiveJournal? Do I pick a theme and stick with that? Didn’t seem as if my music posts really went over that well, but I could find something else I guess. Maybe I could just use it as a portal for ALL of my projects. I don’t know, but expect it to evolve in the near future.

I hope you haven’t given up on me yet…


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