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A Return and a Resolution

Pardon me as I clear the dust away… it’s been a long time since I’ve been here and it just accumulates like the dickens.

For those of you who didn’t give up on me, thank you for being patient. It’s been a chaotic, crazy, insane five months or so. The quick recap is that we closed on a house, had to prep said house for moving into, had to move into it, and had to set it up for living in, and much of this was done by myself because my wife was very pregnant. Then she delivered the baby in August, so we’ve had that to keep us busy.

The bottom line is that I haven’t really been able to write. At all. And it sucks, because I really want to. And I know that I’m always the big advocate of “you can find time to write if you really try”, but even if I could find the time – which has been nigh-impossible – I just haven’t been in the headspace to be able to do it with all the major changes in my life.

But one of the big changes, that being my son going into kindergarten for a full day, will hopefully lead me back into the swing of things. I will be finding myself with a good amount of time by myself during the day, a chunk of which I will be devoting to my writing. So we’ll see how that all works out.

In the meantime, I will be trying to write here in my blog. I’d like to start using it to talk about things that I’m thinking about, serious and funny, as well as the craft of writing. That way I’m at least writing something once in a while.

Wish me luck.


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